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Plasma Activated Water (PAW) Technology:

Poised for Global Relief:

You Can Cooperate and MAXIMIZE Giving!

by Dr. Burton N. Danet:

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In 03/2004, Burton Danet, ABC4All Co-Founder, was introduced by fellow Co-Founder, Robert Chew (Berkeley, California)  to a team of Russian physicist/engineers who had discovered "Plasma Activated Water (PAW)" technology. Water had been used to cool down their high-heat plasma experiments in a physics laboratory. The Team went on to document, via a variety of scientific studies, dramatic benefits to plants, animals and the environment. Later, extraordinary benefits began becoming unveiled with regard to human consumption. The CEO's grandson, after drinking this water at 9.5 pH, for example, is the only child in his school who avoids illness. There are endless examples of such extraordinary benefits.

PAW technology is a laboratory prototype ready to be brought to the world. Any source of water, polluted or not, can be put through the reactor (which can be run by a generator if there is no electricity) and produce not just potable water, but water that "Improves Health Maintenance (IHM):" David Gray, President of Huck-Fin Environmental Education (HFEE), states: "PAW is not a promise, it is a blessing."

The PAW Team is able to control the pH of the water produced, ranging from 2.5 pH (acidic) to 11.5 pH (alkaline). The water exiting from the reactor is monomolecular with superior ability to be absorbed into cells of any type. While the pH has been shown to be stable for more than a year, the fresh water with a negative Oxydation Reduction Potential (ORP) has a short term effect. More information is available upon request.

Validity studies, already conducted and documented by independent laboratory testing, show that 2.5 pH PAW is antiviral, antibacterial and therefore can be used for sterilization and disinfection (including via simple mist spraying). Chicken coops, with the ever-present danger of Avian Flu, for example, can be rendered free of such contaminants by spraying the coops and the chickens with 2.5 pH PAW. Acidic PAW-treated water kills Anthrax in 30 seconds.

The "Global Impact of Plasma Activated Water" together with "The Uses of PAW" illustrate what the ABC4All Global Humanitarian Relief will offer the world. The powerpoint presentation, "Water For The World," offers dynamic information about the myriad uses of PAW.


ABC4All thus plans to make a true difference for the world at large to become a place that will be better for all:


A world that is inhabitable, not inhospitable; a world, we have discovered, where unimagined "Health Heights" can be reached via the "Path of Eight Petals;" a world where Plasma Activated Water (PAW) will spread untold beneficence with increased coping abilities upon so many who are suffering, whether from physical illness, emotional debilitation, oppression from decreasing ability to deal with environmental hazards, etc.; a world where those who allow PAW into their life will contribute to the diversion of untold monies being spent on waters that do not support health maintenance, on chemicals that are not needed, on many costs that can be eliminated.


Burton Danet, Ph.D., Co-Founder, ABC4All, Dual Global Citizen (DGC) http://home.abc4all.net

P. O. Box 1624, Manhattan Beach, CA 90267-1624 * 1-310-712-5477 Skype abc4allteam